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Cooperating with professional translators all over the world, we provide multilingual services to the world’s top companies in order to meet their requirements for globalization.

1. Our service languages involve those used throughout the world, including major languages
    such as English, Chinese, German, French, Russian, Spanish, and Japanese,
    and also other languages such as Slovak, Urdu, Kazakh and Hindi.

2. Our services involve many areas such as information technology, electronics and
    electronic appliances, machinery and manufacturing, civil engineering, chemical
    and medical, finance and accounting, legal contracts, politics and economics, business, etc.

3. We also handle translation support software such as Trados and SDL.

4. Basic Policy of Rates
    • Best Pricing
      We are pursuing the "best pricing" in the market for services in every quality level.

    • Pricing Customization
      Pricing is customized at 3 levels, the "Corporate Level", "Project Level", and "Job Level".

5. Policy of the Assignment of Translators
    Assigning translators with vast experience in the specified field.
    • Professional translators only
    • Exclusive project translators
    • Appointment of translators based on their area of expertise

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