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We are constantly recruiting translators working in any language, world-wide, regardless of country of residence.
Qualifications and Recruitment Process
1. Qualification Requirements

1) Over 5 years of experience in translation.
2) We are recruiting translators for every language, for every field of specialization, for example, from manual to legal and patent translations.

2. Application Process

1) Fill in the application form.
2) The application will be reviewed by our staff.
3) After the application is reviewed, we will request a short trial translation.
4) The trial translation will be checked by an expert in the respective field.
5) Successful candidates will be registered into the database and issued an account ID, and translation orders will start.
6) Trial period: A period for ensuring a common understanding of basic goals, during which translation quality and attitude toward translation work are evaluated.
    The first 5 translations will be checked by experts in the field, and detailed evaluations and feedback will be provided.
7) Upon reaching a basic common understanding, the translator is formally introduced to all our staff by the coordinator in charge of recruitment.

Translator and Their Tasks
Every translation is performed for a specific customer.
If the "translation" does not fulfill the customer's needs and expectations, it does not fulfill its function as "work".
Fulfilling the customer's needs is the primary task and the final goal of a translation service.

Thus, even if a translation has required considerable time and energy but still does not fulfill the customer's needs, it can not be called "work".
Translations are based not on personal preferences, but on the understanding of the customer's needs.
Translators who can fulfill these requirements are professional translators.

We at OLAND strive to create long-term relationships with only professional translators.

Translators are core players and invaluable assets for a translation company.
Freelance translators constitute the fundamental core of OLAND.
We value these relationships greatly, and therefore provide overall support and backup to ensure the success of our translators.

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