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Oland recognizes that appropriate management and protection of personal information is our social responsibility, and has therefore formulated the following principles concerning the protection of personal information, striving to apply it to all aspects of handling, management, and maintenance of information.

1. Compliance with Laws
     We comply with all laws and regulations related to the privacy of an individual, and have developed a management system      based on company rules for the handling of personal information.

2. Collection of Personal Information
     When collecting personal information, we will notify the individual of the purpose of use and also ensure appropriate and      adequate management of the acquired information.

3. Personal Information Usen
     Concerning the use of collected personal information, we recognize the importance of personal information protection and      ensure appropriate handling will be carried out.

4. Disclosure of Personal Information to a Third Party
     Personal information will not to be disclosed to or shared with a third party without prior consent of the person in question,      excluding cases when there is a request from the courts, etc.

5. Management of the Personal Information
     Appropriate safety measures are taken and managed to prevent unauthorized access, loss, or leak of collected personal      data.

6. Personal Information Disclosure, Correction, and Termination of Use
     We will promptly answer to requests for disclosure, correction, or termination of use of personal information from the person      in question.

7. Management System
     We are continuously examining the management system, providing regular training for personnel, and promoting      appropriate information management practices.

We will repeatedly examine this principle to improve the approach to personal information protection.

President, Wu ZhiWu

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